IT IS EXPECTED that the refurbished and reconstructed former Lourdes Stadium will be open for use as the “Fr. Kevin Connolly Lourdes Stadium” on Monday, November 12th., next. The original facility was opened in the 1960’s as the home of the Lourdes Athletic Club, and was for many years the venue for League of Ireland football (soccer) in the town.

The facility  rapidly fell into dereliction following Drogheda F.C.’s decision, in the 1970’s,  to merge with local junior soccer side Drogheda United , whose home venue was United Park, on the Windmill Road. The merger of the two clubs saw Drogheda F.C., who competed at senior level in the League of Ireland at the time, adopt the “Drogheda United” name and leave the stadium to move into a reconstructed United Park, now “Hunky Dory’s Park”, on the Windmill Road.

The original Lourdes Stadium was the brainchild of the late Fr. Kevin Connolly, a local curate in St. Peter’s Parish, Drogheda during the 1950’s and early 1960’s. The late Fr. Connolly relentlessly drove the idea of building a stadium in the town to cater for all sports and to encourage young people to participate in sport. Consequently, I was very priveliged to put forward the idea and move a resolution, at a Drogheda Borough Council meeting last year (2011), to re-name the Lourdes Stadium the “Kevin Connolly Lourdes Stadium” in his memory.

It is expected that a formal official opening ceremony will be arranged in due course.


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